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Dust free Concrete Preparation


Shot Blasting

How does it work? A blast wheel spins at high velocity and fires steel shot at the concrete where it profiles the floor.  A vacuum system then retrieves the shot and concrete dust off the floor. The heavy shot is recycled and the dust is drawn into the vacuum. Shot blasting is by far and away the most common form of preparation for concrete floors.


Shot Blasting Pros

  • Virtually dust free
  • Cost effective
  • Fast. Capable of preparing   150-200 m2 per hour
  • Can be augmented by using multiple machines or squads for large or time sensitive installations
  • Suitable for rough and eroded concrete as well as new floor slabs

Shot Blasting Cons

  • Can remove too much concrete if top surface of floor slab is weak or poor
  • Can leave overlap marks (tram lines) that may be noticeable through thinner resin flooring systems
  • Can have difficulty in removing flexible or soft materials
  • Can have difficulty in removing high build coatings
  • Can have difficulty in removing multiple coats of paint