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Dust free Concrete Preparation


Specialists in Concrete Preparation

N.Z Shotblasting and Grinding Ltd offer a floor preparation service using the latest equipment and techniques.  We are able to remove almost any existing floor covering and  provide an ideal surface for new coatings.

Shot Blasting

This labour and time saving process strips, cleans and profiles simultaneously. Shot blasting is the process of blasting a surface with steel shot at a high velocity.  The process produces the highest bonding character of any surface preparation method and is ideal for concrete resurfacing, concrete profiling, airport runway repairs, Slippery car park decks, sealer removal, and much more. . Different surface profiles can be achieved by varying shot size, shot flow rate and machine travel speed.  The new surface gives a mechanical profile improving bonding.

 Diamond Grinding

Grinding of concrete flooring is one of the most environmentally  friendly preparation methods.  Grinders are used along side shotblasting  for edging along walls and around equipment.  Improvements  in terrazzo grinders have allowed for the use of large walk behind grinders for  concrete preparation in addition removal of coatings and sealers.   Depending on diamond sizes we can produce a very smooth uniform appearance.

The hand grinding equipment works off standard grinder most  commonly 7" models specially adapted with dust shrouds allowing them to be  connected to dust recovery vacs.  The walk behind grinders typically use  several counter rotating blades and larger pulse vacuum systems. 


Retexturing Smooth Slippery Surfaces  

In simple terms, the purpose of retexturing is to improve skid resistance on surfaces that have worn smooth after years of use or have lost texture through "fatting up" of binder, which has not worn away under traffic.

We shot blast for retexturing  which is a proven method for improving skid resistance and thus road safety. The shot blasting process is weather susceptible and should only be carried out in dry conditions.


It is worth noting that results will vary dependant on the condition of the existing surface and the materials used during initial construction. Most importantly, the existing surface must be without flaws and robust in structure. Surfaces with a high percentage of aggregate are best suited for retexturing. We will gladly inspect your site to determine suitability for any processes.